Eclipse – Tapered Roller Ball Probe

12.990 kr.


Eclipse Tapered Roller Ball Probe er endurhlaðanlegur endaþarms örvari fyrir karlmenn með kúlum sem rúlla fram og til baka og örvar blöðruhálskirtilinn. Hann kemur með 12 mismunandi stillingum og úr hágæða silicone efni. Mælum með vatnsuppleysanlegum ID sleipiefnum með tækinu.


The Eclipse™ Tapered Roller Ball Probe is here to thrill even the most experienced backdoor lover with a powerful rolling tip, ribbed shaft and 12 intense vibration functions. . Choose the intensity of your pleasure and dive deep into orgasmic internal stimulation with powerful roller stimulation. The bulbous G-spot tip delivers precise back and forth rolling motions that redefine passion. Indulge personalized pleasure while the sleek probe pulsates with 12 vivacious vibration, passionate pulsation and erotic escalation. Control this variety of orgasmic options with the easy-touch button

Whether you’re taking a dip with a lover or indulging in a steamy solo session, look forward to up to 85 minutes of waterproof vibration. Recharge pleasure and get back to playtime in only 90 minutes with the provided USB cable. The high-tech memory chip allows the massager to know just what you like by picking up on the last function used

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